Dear Chevaliers!

In this moment of Corona time, I wish to make all of you, chevaliers of the Order of St. Hallvard, as well as all other people, feel the sense of my caring and vigilant attention, as well as my intense solidarity.

The health authorities do well to warn us against this dangerous and invisible enemy; measures that tend towards the so-called “social distancing” are necessary but, inevitably, they generate in each of us a sense of tiredness and frustration.

For this reason, and also in order to live better this strong Lenten time, I invite you to “not lose sight of each other”; if this is physically impossible nowadays, we can still cheer up the day of some old Friend (or brother) of ours by calling him use new technology where you still can see each other on a distance and making him feel our affectionate closeness.

This Lenten time, so strange and so different from any other time experienced so far, be for all of us a moment of deep reflection and awakening of our consciousness. Prayer then becomes fundamental to create a virtuous circle of good souls who are committed to soliciting and encouraging the healing of the sick, as well as to accelerate the transit to the Lord of those who have not made it.

Our thoughts go to the inhabitants of the whole world, since this devious and terrible enemy does not seem to spare any country at all For my part, I am close to you with much affection and participation in your anxieties, worries and fears.

In the meantime, I wish you all the best for the approaching Holy Easter, first, and hopefully last, of this kind.



1st April 2020

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